About InTheKnow.ie

Welcome to InTheKnow.ie. I set up this website due to a personal experience when I needed urgent work done to my car. The only mechanics I could find online were only open 9-5 Monday РFriday and were quoting me very high for a simple oil change. Due to work this was not suitable for me. By word of mouth I found a very reliable, local experienced mechanic. I phoned him Friday evening at 7pm and by 1pm the next day my car was ready and he charged me a lot less compared to the quotes I was getting from the main dealer garages. I created this website so people like that mechanic can be found easily online.

This website gives the small guy a chance to have his/her say as they could offer a more one to one professional service than a large chain who would see their customers as just another number.

If you need any help setting up your Profile you can contact us using our contact us page.